Corporate Gifts Your Employees Will Truly Appreciate This Valentine’s Day

Got an employee whose positive attitude around the office simply can’t be replaced? Or perhaps there’s a favorite person at work who you greatly admire. It could even be a boss who leads by example and brings out the best in his or her employees. Working in a supportive environment that never fails to boost your morale is truly a thing to cherish. So don’t take another work day for granted. Show them just how much you care with corporate gifts your employees will truly appreciate this Valentine’s Day.

There’s no better time than the upcoming day of love to shower your employees or office mates with some much-deserved affection and heartfelt gratitude. Sure, you can always present them with your token of appreciation any other day of the year but there’s just something so special about Valentine’s Day that has everyone already set in the mood. And receiving that perfect and more importantly, appropriate gift, would definitely show them just how much they are valued in your company.

But before we dive into the potential presents that would make great gifts, here are a few tips and pointers to consider:

  • No Cash Gifts

Most often, cash gifts are interpreted as impersonal or even last-minute gifts. It also shows that you do not know the person well enough to present something that will appeal to his or her interest or taste. Cash gifts seem like a good idea only if it’s in the form of a bonus for the employee.

  • Set Your Budget

We know your heart’s in the right place when you want to gift your co-workers something memorable on Valentine’s Day. But before you go on a splurging spree, check the budget and determine how much you are willing to spend while acquiring these mementoes.

  • Consider A Group Gift

Group gifts are always a great idea especially if you want to present a fellow colleague, senior management or the head honcho with an exquisite gift that may cross an individual’s budget. A department can get together, coordinate and chip in to buy that perfect present.

  • How Well Do You Know Your Employee or Co-Worker

First evaluate the type of relationship you share with your employees, co-workers or boss before you dive in. Also consider their likes and dislikes for securing that perfect present.

Once you’ve got that figured out, it’s onto the different Valentine’s Day gift Ideas:

  • Elegant Swarovski Jewellery Sets

Swarovski is renowned for its exquisite collection of beautifully-crafted jewellery that’s embellished with stunning crystals. From pretty floral motifs to dainty designs, the splendid sets come in a plethora of shapes, sizes and budgets. There’s even a Mix and Match option so that you can create personal presents that your lovely lady recipients will be proud to wear as tokens of appreciation.

  • Swarovski-Embellished Accessories

It’s the little things that matter! Bag Charms, Key rings, portable bottle openers and pendants may look like a small gesture, but they can certainly go a long way when it comes to gift appreciation. These are items that are used daily and will even pose to be a constant reminder of the giver long after the occasion has passed. The variety of trinkets at Swarovski range from quaint pocket mirrors to adorable animal spirit pendants.

  • Watches

Studded with crystals across the dial, watch strap or rim, the brilliant range of watches makes for a perfect corporate gift. They are Swiss made and designed with a bold, retro-inspired style blessed with a dash of elegance.

  • Stationary and Office Accessories

Some of the best corporate gift ideas can be found under the category of office stationary. For example, the marvelous pen collection from Swarovski looks super elegant to flaunt around in the boardroom, all thanks to its sleek chrome metal accents and sparkling infused crystals. Other stylish functional gifts in this sort include beautifully designed A5 notebooks that are embossed with fantastic patterns and a crystal rivet fastening, shimmer tea light holders and picture frames that are bordered with alluring crystals.

  • Cufflinks

For the guys, Swarovski has a dazzling cufflink collection that’s synonymous with modernity and style. The sophisticated wrist accessories for men are studded with different colored crystals that give a subtle and refreshing dazzle to your formal office attire.

  • Stylish Tie with Crystalized Tie Clip

To perfectly compliment any suave business attire, we suggest presenting a plain or textured necktie from Italy that comes complete with a delightful crystal-studded tie clip. The dapper suit accessory is available from Swarovski in two attractive color options, blue and gray for both variants.

  • Swarovski Crystal Figurines

Collectibles are always the popular choice among the masses. They can even be great desk embellishments and lend a spectacular spark to any dreary office space. The Swarovski crystal figurines are a charming assortment of figures that are crafted to represent flora, fauna and even Disney’s lineup of endearing characters.


It’s a fact that we spend a third of our lives at office with employees and co-workers. And during this time, it’s hard not to form close bonds with those who are always there to help you through a hectic day with loads of advice, unfailing support and that hot cup of tea. This Valentine’s Day, take a few tips from this blog post and show them that they are appreciated in the best way possible. Remember, corporate gifts your employees will truly appreciate this Valentine’s Day need not be boring flowers or plain cards. Put some heart, soul and cash into it and you could end up presenting your co-workers with some of the most memorable tokens of appreciation that won’t soon be forgotten.

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