Appreciate your employees and partners with unique corporate awards and trophies

A little appreciation goes a long way! Whether it’s a special occasion, expressing deep gratitude or even celebrating a milestone, presenting your employees or customers with a token of affection to commemorate their loyalty, helps strengthen the bond and reinforces the importance of the partnership. There are different types of unique corporate awards and trophies you can gift your clients and employees. The wide variety comes in all shapes, sizes, weight and price tags too. However, choosing the most appropriate one could be slightly tricky. And that’s where we come in. Read on to find out more about the various options available to present your laureates.

Shooting Star

What better way to say, ‘you’re a star’ than by presenting them with one! This stunning award boasts of exceptionally brilliant light-reflective facets that will bring a gleam to the eye of an onlooker and definitely add a touch of glamour to any office space or work desk. This bright gem is available in two sizes.

Rising Star

This spectacular asymmetric design takes the form of a rising star which is an apt representation of excellence to present a partner or employee who has unfailingly supported your business. You can opt for either a marble base or metal base to engrave your logo or personalized text.

Crystal Peak

Endowed with outstanding facets and a brilliant appearance, this award option combines cut crystal and a Mongolia Black china granite base. The design takes inspiration from a majestic mountain peak emulating the great heights one scales to achieve their goals. You can customize the trophy to mark an occasion or extend your heartfelt gratitude.

Arch Paperweight

If you are looking for a nifty little award, then the Arch paperweight could just be the best gift option. Available in two sizes, the elegant, arch-shaped fully cut crystal with complex faceting can be customized to your liking so that it particularly stands out especially when it’s sitting pretty at your client’s desk.

Ball Paperweight

Another paperweight that brings a touch of refinement to any office is the classic fully cut crystal ball option. This one too can be etched with your personal message and comes in two sizes.

Disc Paperweight

The fully cut crystal disc-shaped paperweight is a sophisticated corporate gift idea that can be customized with your picture, logo or special text to mark an important event.

Chaton Paperweight

The mesmerizing Chaton Paperweight has incredible facets that plays with the light in extraordinary ways. That feature coupled with a personal message makes for an excellent keepsake at the office.

Swan Trophy

Gifting your client an elegant Swan Trophy will constantly remind them of the achievement or gratitude that merited this beautiful award when displayed in their office space or home mantel. The ultra-precisely-cut gem that’s created in the form of Swarovski’s iconic swan symbol is carefully crafted from one single clear crystal.

Personalisation of Awards and Trophies

What makes Swarovski’s dazzling honors even more special and spectacular is something called Personalisation. This allows names, company logos, important dates, etc. to be added to the accolade so that it’s treasured by the recipient for years to come. Besides just etching these details onto the aforementioned awards and trophies, Swarovski can also customise conceptual masterpieces based on your ideas, sketches, descriptions or photographs. The thoughtfulness that goes into crafting each piece will definitely reflect on the final outcome. Personalisation also provides a warm feeling and sense of importance that in turn,will add value to you and your company.

Swarovski offers Signature and Customizable collections as well as tailormade corporate gifts so that you may pick the perfectly appropriate business gift. Remember, the personal touch always makes a lasting impression.

Signature Collection
Customised crystal awards has the essence to create a lasting memory especially when coupled with a heartfelt message. Words are meticulously engraved in crystal, ensuring the highest degree of detail. The little letters are done by laser while larger ones are created by a technique called sandblasting. And to add a beautiful finish, the personalized products are wrapped and delivered in the elegant blue packaging that’s synonymous with Swarovski.

Customizable Collection

Masterpieces strengthen the emotion they express. That’s why Swarovski pays careful attention to the little details of gifting. Your logo or message can be etched onto your desired award or trophy via laser printing, silk screen printing, metal tag customization options, digital printing and even tiny colored crystals that are arranged to spell out your special words. In this collection, the packaging includes an elegant box dressed in black and cappuccino which can be customized with your logo or message in silver, gold or black foil printing. Even the black pouch has special tailored options.

Tailor Made Corporate Gifts

For a truly bespoke crystal gifting experience, try Swarovski’s tailor-made, crystal-embellished gifts. All you have to do is tell our team of experts what inspired your gift idea and they will come up with a range of creative concepts for you to choose from.


Maintaining a good relationship with your employees and customers is an integral part of business. Recognition awards, trophies and plaques are the best way to show them how appreciative you are of their trust and contribution in making your business a huge success. And what makes crystal corporate awards so special is the quality and enduring nature of the masterpieces.

Our post on how to appreciate your employees and partners with unique corporate awards and trophies will help you choose the right one to aptly felicitate your recipients whether it’s thanking customers for their ongoing business or recognizing your top suppliers for their commitment to all-round service and quality.

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