Corporate Gift Ideas To Keep Your Employees Happy

Employees are the backbone of the company and their contribution is invaluable to the success of the business. That said, you would want to reward your dedicated workforce for their hard work and loyalty by going a step ahead than just paying them their salary or handing out a bonus cheque. We’ve listed some interesting corporate gift ideas to keep your employees happy as well as help increase productivity, encourage staff engagement and even retain valued employees. Show them how much they really mean to you and your organization by skipping those mundane corporate gifts and instead investing in more thoughtful and meaningful options. Give your employees something special they’ll truly cherish not just during their tenure at your office but later as well.

Now, in order to pick the perfect items, the key is to understand your staff’s interest. Once you’ve zeroed in on that, you can further customize the gifts or their packaging with company colors, logos or a message for that personal touch. Read on as we lay out some of the best corporate gift ideas that will keep your employees happy.

Corporate Awards & Trophies

Recognition never fails to boost the morale of the employees. And what better way to show how much you are appreciated in an organization than by presenting your staff with a trophy, award, plaque or memento marking a special occasion in their career or even personal life. Swarovski has a wide range of crystal trophies that bear interesting shapes and stunning facets to beautifully mark any occasion. These awards can even be etched with your personal message and a 3D image of your desire. Swarovski also offers striking crystal paperweights that sparkle with sheer glamour and can be customized to include engraved words. And if the general ones don’t impress you much, you could always choose a bespoke award that suits your business, award category, employee, etc. And why not go a step ahead and host an award ceremony at the end of the year to acknowledge the hard-working individuals in your firm.

Stationary & Accessories

Another great corporate gift idea to keep your employees happy ranges from stunning stationary options to elegant accessories. Each item under this category is endowed or encrusted with sparkling crystals. There’s a plethora of pen choices to opt from, all drenched in eye-catching colors and some even fitted with a stylus or a dangling charm at the rear end. Also under the accessory section are key rings and bag charms that are available in a variety of designs including the trademark Swarovski swan along with classy notebooks crafted to grab attention in the boardroom.  

Jewellery & Watches

Swarovski jewellery is truly a gleam in the eye! Each exquisite piece tells a story and embodies more than a century of mastered craftsmanship. Brimming with a gorgeous array of fantastic designs and beautiful patterns, you’ll be able to find contemporary earring, necklace, bracelet and ring options that perfectly reflect elegance and grace. There are also stunning cufflinks molded in different designs that are a part of the Swarovski Jewellery collection. Luxury watches for men and women also makes a great gift choice for a deserving employee.

Customized Gift Boxes

If you are looking to present your most valued employees with something truly unique, then we suggest you consider the customized gift boxes from Swarovski. You can pack in items such as a power-bank, Bluetooth speaker, headphones, pen, key ring, etc. and even customize the casing to reflect the company colors and logo.

Benefits Of Keeping Your Employees Happy

Coming up with appropriate staff recognition ideas that work can take your organization to new heights. Apart from the usual ‘Employee of the Month’ award, put into motion other innovative options, showing your staff that their contributions are highly appreciated. And here are the benefits!

1. Happy Place To Work

It’s extremely vital that business owners, managers and department heads recognize the good work put in by their employees. If the staff is content, then it becomes a happy place of work and soon you’ll see positive changes arising all around. They will learn to feel a sense of pride in their job and in turn, offer better quality work.

2. A Bond is Formed

Recognizing the daily efforts of your employees and rewarding the same with an appropriate executive gift helps build a strong relationship and strengthen the bond between employee and their direct manager. It’s important to have a positive and comfortable work environment where the employees can express their point of view to their personnel in-charge.

3. Rewarding a Positive Initiative

In every company, there are many bright talents that shine through their daily corporate tasks and go that extra mile by rising to the occasion and taking charge of a project, lending a valuable idea or being proactive during a team meeting. This initiative should be recognized and rewarded so that they can remain fired up and productive while others can take inspiration and in the future, go above and beyond their duties and exceed expectations.


Knowing that someone is appreciated truly helps raise their self-esteem. And you as an employer, can show them you genuinely care. Foster a positive work environment that inspires your employees to take pride in their work. There are plenty of opportunities that arise all year round – birthdays, work anniversaries, professional milestones or even company events. Even the new guy could be greeted with a ‘Welcome to the Team’ memento on his first day at the office. Simply chose the appropriate occasion and opt for any of our aforementioned choices. And besides just keeping your staff motivated and productive, the corporate gift you choose will keep your employees happy.

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