Sparkling Women’s Day Corporate Gift Ideas

She’s a mother, a daughter, a wife and a colleague! They say women make the world go round… and this holds very true in the corporate sector as well. In this modern day and age, we see the gender gap slowly narrowing with plenty of women taking up important roles in an organization. They redefine work-life balance without sacrificing success or their families. These ladies indeed make excellent role models for any generation and inspire millions around the globe with their determination, positive attitude and overall moxie!

So when a day dedicated to celebrating these amazing women arrives, it’s a great opportunity to show your co-workers or clients just how much they are appreciated and acknowledged. They deserve every drop of recognition for their progress and success despite all the challenges they may face. Show her just how much you love and support her with a unique gift that she’ll cherish for a long time.  So, without further ado, here’s a list of sparkling Women’s Day corporate gift ideas to perfectly gesture your appreciation and gratitude.


What better way to celebrate the joy of womanhood than with something that sparkles as brightly as her vibrant spirit? Swarovski has a timeless and elegant collection of beautiful jewellery crafted in fantastic designs which allows each woman to express her own unique style. You can mix and match different precious pieces to form chic sets that are perfect for gifting her on this special day. From dainty earrings to neat necklaces, the array comprises of feminine motifs that are perfect for wearing to the office as well as later for a dinner date.


A simple flick of the wrist can enchant an audience! So why not gift her something that will help enhance her grace and beauty? Swarovski’s stylish and unique wrist watches are skillfully encrusted with stunning crystals and sport a contemporary design which adds to the exquisite glam finish. Watches are so much more than just time-telling pieces… they are also the perfect choice to make a bold style statement wherever you go.

Crystal Creations & Decorations

Honor the women around you with colorful decorative figurines from Swarovski. These cheerful symbols can brighten up any office desk space with their sparkling presence. The plethora of precious pieces includes collectibles chiseled in the form of beautiful birds, adorable animals and bright flora. What’s more, these gems are available as single items or customizable for inclusion in a gift box.

Pens & Notebooks

Another sparkling Women’s Day corporate gift idea that’s a sure-shot winner is stationary. You simply can’t go wrong with presenting the lovely lady with sophisticated office supplies that are both elegant and functional. The pens from Swarovski feature dazzling crystals and a sleek smooth finish, ideal for a fabulous token of appreciation for female colleagues and clients. Another stationary option is a notebook and no, we don’t mean the dreary sort. Beautifully crafted jotters from Swarovski are blessed with unique cover patterns and crystal embellishments which the owners will proudly want to flaunt.

Fashion Accessories

Little things sometimes hold immense value in the heart of the receiver. Swarovski has a lovely lineup of sophisticated keyrings that can be easily customized with your logo, picture or text to make the gift even more special. They make for great keepsakes and are practical, too! You’ll also find all sorts of brilliant bag charms that will leave a lasting impression on the onlooker.

Trophies & Awards

Presenting her with a trophy that resembles a star shows her that she’s definitely a ‘star’ to her fellow colleagues. What’s more, these gorgeous awards come in 2 spectacular star-shaped patterns and can be engraved with a special message or logo. And talking about personalized gifts, there are also crystal paperweights that will look stunning placed at her desk at the office.

Electronic Items

Swarovski has a handful of goodies even for tech-savvy gals. The Bluetooth earphones aren’t your ordinary audio accessories. These special ones feature square earbuds that are decorated with small jet-black crystals and come bundled with a stylish silicone pouch. Audiophiles will also enjoy the crystal-studded Bluetooth speaker that booms with ‘crystal-clear’ sound. And lastly in this category, there’s a crystal-embellished black-colored power bank that will help the owner stay connected to the world with an adequately charged mobile device.

Travel Accessories

For the business-oriented women, the number of options is aplenty. The Swarovski Business Card Holder is crafted using the finest Italian calfskin leather and is seen as a highly classy and practical business gift. Also adding a touch of sophistication to her travels is the Leather Luggage Tag dotted with Swarovski crystals.

Customized Gift Boxes

On the occasion of Woman’s Day, another ideal idea could be Swarovski Gift Boxes which look super professional and include a trio of interesting and intriguing items that will surely touch the heart. You can opt to have anything from stationary to electronic items and even religious artifacts like a misbaha stored neatly within the posh confines. And further adding to the aesthetics is the ability to personalize the boxes with a message or logo.


Besides birthdays and work anniversaries, Women’s Day is a great way to show your female co-workers and clients just how they’ve made a positive impact not only at the workplace by their business acumen but also in general with their social and cultural influence. It’s that time of the year to surprise her with something thoughtful that would make her feel special. And the aforementioned sparkling Women’s Day corporate gift ideas should resonate well with the lovely lasses at your office or in your personal life. And lastly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl… there’s always room for everyone to show gratitude and love for the lady in their life, irrespective of gender.

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