Islamic Gifts To Present Your Clients for Ramadan and Eid

The Holy Month of Ramadan is a special and blessed time of the year for every Muslim. It’s a time for celebration and reflection by fasting and abstaining throughout the day until sunset at Iftar when the fast can be broken by typically enjoying dates, dried apricots and Ramadan juices before the evening prayer. Fasting is seen as a time for purifying the soul, re-focusing attention to God, practicing self-sacrifice and giving back to the community. And just after Ramadan is Eid al-Fitr or ‘Festival of Breaking the Fast’ which includes celebrations, joyous gatherings and daytime feasts.

Now during this sacred month and on the feast of Eid al-Fitr, it is tradition to spend time with loved ones and present gifts to family members, relatives and friends. This special time is also a great opportunity to share the blessings of the Holy season with your clients by showering them with tokens of love and appreciation. Picking out and presenting specially curated Islamic artifacts to your customer will surely leave a deep positive impact, making them feel special indeed. With this opportunity, you have the ability to make a lasting memory by presenting your client with a sparkling keepsake and generous gesture.

Swarovski has unveiled perfect gifting options exclusively crafted for the season of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. The brilliantly designed gift box assortment includes a variety of spectacular Islamic items laid beautifully amidst a variety of succulent dates in an aesthetically-pleasing layout, making it the ultimate gifting option for not only clients but also employees, peers, family members and friends. Dates are traditionally considered blessed fruit and are consumed throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan. Besides it just being a custom, dates are rich in essential nutrients and are the preferred choice at the start of Iftar meal as they help restore low blood sugar after you’ve fasted all day.

Swarovski offers 3 types of exclusively-created gift boxes that one can present to clients during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Each of them comes with a special Swarovski item along with delicious dates harmoniously set within the snug confines of the box.

Misbaha Gift Boxes

Each of these special gift boxes houses a radiant Misbaha, an important Islamic object that helps Muslims to count dhikr while meditating or praying. They are elegantly strung together with classic round pearls dipped in a trio of Swarovski’s special iridescent effects namely, Pearlescent White, Iridescent Green and Iridescent Purple. Perfectly matched with briolette cut crystal spacer gems and Rhodium plated brass tassels, the stunning Islamic prayer beads are intricately designed to offer a calmingly, smooth-to-touch feel which provides the faithful with a certain sense of peace and tranquility.

The beautifully decorated boxes come in 2 offerings. One of the luxurious packaged delights features the sparkling misbaha placed perfectly in a dedicated crescent moon-shaped section with an assortment of dates placed inside a circle that’s caressed by the crescent silhouette. What’s more, the box can be opened stylishly by pulling away the encasing sleeves on both sides. The second one comprises of a separate rectangular section that houses a single misbaha while the dates are neatly lined up alongside it. What’s amazing about this particular packaging is that the front side sports a thick transparent slit which reveals the beautifully crafted Misbaha.

Pen Gift Boxes

Another precious product that’s perfect for gifting a client during the Holy Month of Ramadan is a gift set that houses a Swarovski crystalline ballpoint pen. The sparkling writing instrument is available in 3 stunning varieties and makes for a truly sophisticated gift idea especially when coupled with a trayful of tasty dates. This dazzling piece of stationary also comes complete with the famous trademark Swarovski logo.

Minera Bowl Gift Boxes

The third sort of gift box encases a skillfully crafted Minera Decorative Bowl that’s elegantly molded by Danish designer, Helle Damkjaer. Sporting a modern organic shape, the stunning finish merges striking silver tones with metallic shimmer along with nearly 1,400 clear and silver-colored crystals from Swarovski. The decorative object is nestled between a twin of dedicated sections located on either side of the box which holds a variety of scrumptious dates.

Other Swarovski Gift Box Ideas

Apart from the aforementioned types of gift boxes, there are also special corporate options that come inclusive of different Swarovski items neatly bundled together. These products include everything from Islamic artifacts like the Misbaha to stunning stationary and accessories. What’s more, all gift boxes offered by us can be customized to reflect the recipient’s name, your special message or greetings and company logo.


The latest range of exclusively created traditional Ramadan gifts with a twist not only includes the delicious plump edible treats but also sparkling items that could help in the observance of religious duties. So this Holy Month, experience the spirit of generosity by presenting your clients with the bespoke gift boxes from the house of Swarovski. Light up the lives of your beloved customers with a memento they’ll treasure forever.

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