How To Choose Gifts, Awards And Trophies For Different Occasions

The idea behind presenting your employees or clients with gifts, awards and trophies for different occasions is to ‘surprise and delight’. A carefully thought-out gesture indeed goes a long way and creates a strong bond between the two parties. Moreover, the recipient will be truly grateful and honored, for their worth has been recognized and rewarded. And what better time to show your appreciation and give them the credit they duly deserved than during important dates, milestones and occasions? Besides just infusing a sense of pride, presenting clients and employees with something special on a meaningful day helps keep them highly motivated and hold you in high regard.

Now, there are plenty of options out there in the market that cater to a whole array of requirements but finding the one that’s deemed most appropriate for the occasion is sometimes tough. Importantly, the item you choose reflects very much on the kind of organization you are a part of. It also acts as a brand awareness technique to leave a lasting impression. And so, thorough research must be done before the actual purchase happens.

There are several factors to bear in mind when choosing gifts, awards and trophies for different occasions for your customers or employees. Here are some of the following to duly consider:


One of the most vital parameters that must be considered before acquiring your prize is quality! Opting to invest in Swarovski means you are relying on a world-renowned brand that’s focused on trend curation, design, high quality materials and meaningful branding in every masterpiece produced over the past 120 years. Swarovski has established a sparkle of their own through the century, providing a legacy of exquisite products that range from beautifully-crafted jewellery to strikingly attractive trophies and awards.


Make sure the stellar product fit the occasion. The best way to please your recipients is to present something that’s exceptionally unique. For example, a special gift box containing a crystal misbaha nestled among traditional dates for Ramadan or Eid will surely be highly appreciated as opposed to just sending across a general engraved memento that perhaps majority of your competition might already be resorting to. Remember to make your gift or trophy stand out from the rest!


Personalizing your present always leaves a lasting impression on your recipient. And by doing so, they will truly appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into the gift or award. You can aptly add a name, message and company logo by engraving the same on the base of a trophy, etching it on crystal items or even customizing specialized gift boxes.


Before going all out to purchase your prize, it’s wise to first carefully consider the budget at hand and how best it can be utilized for the occasion. Swarovski has a plethora of dazzling items in its catalogue that stretch across the financial spectrum, providing a variety of options for all pocket-sizes.


The company that supplies your trophies or gifts should be very dependable as a lot of aspects ride on it. This entails everything from excellent craftsmanship to delivering the order promptly and hassle-free. If the order does not meet the required standards, it creates an unpleasant impression on your company. Swarovski has been for years converting promises into actuality with plenty of happy customers bearing testament to that fact.

Once you’ve taken all of the aforementioned details into consideration, it’s time to check out the different occasions that might be the ideal time to gift your employees or clients with that something special.

Company Anniversaries – Whether it is your company anniversary or that of your partner or client, an anniversary is indeed an important milestone to celebrate and commemorate with something special.

Birthdays – Make your client or employee feel important on their special day by presenting them with a small token of appreciation and affection to show just how much they mean to you and your organization.

Welcome or Initiation Gifts – It’s great to start a new relationship with a client by gifting them something special to mark the occasion. This helps set the tone for a positive and productive working relationship.

Recognition and Appreciation – There’s no better feeling than being acknowledged and appreciated for your hard work and perseverance. And hence, awarding recognition trophies or gifts helps boost the morale of your employee or client.

Congratulations – The only thing better than a verbal congratulatory wish is acknowledging the same with a meaningful gift or award the recipient can treasure for a lifetime.

Achievements – Reaching milestones and achievements at the corporate level is no easy feat and so, to mark these little triumphs, you can present appropriate products to your employee or partner from the house of Swarovski.

Retirement – After years of faithful service, why not give your employee or client something precious to cherish as they prepare to embark on a new phase in their life.

Islamic Occasions and Holidays – In the UAE, we celebrate a number of important Islamic occasions throughout the year. And in order to aptly gift your Muslim partners, employees or customers, Swarovski has crafted sophisticated crystal Misbahas and even special gift boxes that feature exquisite items as well as traditional dates which can be ideal to present during the occasions of Ramadan and Eid.

New Year – The beginning of a new year is deemed auspicious and hence, presenting something precious on that day, will definitely be most cherished.

And finally, anytime is the right time and you don’t really need a reason to surprise or delight your customers or clients. Trust us, it’ll be well-received and great for your impression.


Throughout the year, there are plenty of opportunities to present your clients or employees with meaningful gifts and trophies. The themes range from achievement and service to recognition, innovation and motivation. And to avoid worrying about how to choose the perfect gifts, awards and trophies for different occasions, scan through the aforementioned pointers that will help ease your trouble and in the bargain, come up with the right offering.

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