10 Thoughtful Ways To Thank Your Boss

A boss’ top priority is most likely to recruit hardworking employees who fulfil his or her vision for the company. And to ensure this goal is smoothly attained, the head honcho personally sees to it that the workforce is comfortable, well-equipped and well taken care of in his or her organization. Your chief at the office could even be classified as a compassionate, kind-hearted, benevolent leader with a congenial personality. Most often, they are also a source of excellent council and go that extra mile to mentor you not only in your professional life but personal one, too.

Now, if you have a boss that reflects all of the above-mentioned qualities, then it’s no wonder you would want to thank him or her for the support and love shown at the workplace or even beyond punch out time. Now, it’s the head honcho your talking about here, so gifting the likes of the top man/woman in your organization deserves a lot of thought as opposed to simply buying boring presents that he or she probably has plenty of already. So, read on as we give you 10 thoughtful ways to thank your boss.

Awards and Trophies

What better way to make someone feel truly appreciated than with a spectacular trophy! Swarovski boasts of featuring a wide selection of wonderfully crafted awards, trophies and plaques fashioned exclusively of crystal. Opt for one that fits your requirement and budget, and have it engraved with a special thoughtful message like, ‘World’s Best Boss, World’s #1 Boss, Boss of the Year, An Incredible Inspiring Boss, etc.’ The trophy can also be etched with the awardee’s name, designation and maybe even an inspirational quote. Presenting a personalized gem such as this is even a great idea especially if you are planning to gather a few colleagues or round up your team for a collective gifting option. In this case, the prestigious plaque can read, ‘With Our Greatest Appreciation, Those Whose Lives You Have Touched Say Thank You, or In Recognition of an Inspirational Leader Who Made a Difference in our Lives.’

Crystal Pen

Let your boss ‘sign in style’ with the special ballpoint pens from Swarovski. These glamourous writing instruments are sprinkled with sparkling crystals and feature chrome metal accents, colored lacquered metal and high-quality ink cartridges. The elegant yet functional stunning stationary option is aesthetically pleasing and comes complete with the famed Swarovski logo. Some of the hues you can find the crystal pens dipped in include white, rose gold and bold black.


Another fine stationary choice is presenting a beautifully-crafted notebook from the house of Swarovski. This isn’t your ordinary type of ledger but one that’s oozing with oomph and apt for the bigwig. The extravagant everyday helper and organizer sports a trio of different cover patterns embellished with crystals and eye-catching colors like bold black, gray and rose gold.

Stylish Tie with Crystalized Tie Clip

If your boss is a sharp dresser, then a stylish necktie in neutral colorways and minimalist design would be a great gift idea! Choose from 4 different hues – plain gray, plain blue, textured gray and textured blue, and expect each one to come packed with a crystallized tie clip. Made in Italy, both the tie and the clip are stamped with the iconic Swarovski logo.

Jewellery & Cufflinks

Beautiful Swarovski jewellery sets or individual pendants and earrings make lovely gift ideas for the lady. They come in spectacular designs that will truly catch an onlooker’s fancy. And if your boss is a gentleman, then presenting a sophisticated cufflink set would be a fantastic idea. The wrist accessories feature different colored crystals, adding a touch of glamour to any formal office attire.


Give your boss the gift of time with a stunning Swarovski watch. The range is completely Swiss-made and designed with a smart, retro-inspired style that’s given a touch of elegance. And yes, there are sparkling crystals set across the dial, watch strap and rim.

Electronic Items

From audio devices like Bluetooth speakers and earphones to portable accessories such as power banks, Swarovski has put its own sophisticated spin on things! Each of these electronics is embellished with stunning jet black crystals to add a chic look to your everyday devices.

Crystal Creations

Your boss can spruce up his or her office space with one or more of these quaint desk embellishments. They come in different figures and shapes that are molded to represent flora, fauna and even Disney’s lineup of endearing characters. It’s a great gift for those who especially love collecting crystal figurines as a hobby.

Customized Gift Boxes

Swarovski has an elite lineup of customized gift boxes that are perfect for presenting your boss. From smartly-packaged electronic accessories and bundled office stationary, whatever your chief fancies is offered up in a nifty box that can be customized with a name and logo.

Customizable Collection

Create a lasting impression and express your sentiment in the most unique way with Swarovski. Anything from crystal awards to even the packaging can be customized to reflect your personal message, the recipient’s name or a company logo.   


Leadership is not about titles, positions or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.

– John C. Maxwell.

So if you know of one such person in your office, it could be anyone, a senior colleague who might have taught you a success mantra, a mentoring manager or a boss that has truly made a difference in your career and in life, don’t hesitate to show your appreciation!

Make your head honcho feel like a million dollars by showing him or her your heartfelt gratitude in the most special way. Swarovski offers a plethora of sparkling and bespoke gifts that are apt for conveying this beautiful appreciation sentiment. And trust us, the above-mentioned 10 thoughtful ways to thank your boss will indeed make a lasting impression for years to come.

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