Avoid These 7 Mistakes When Buying Corporate Gifts

In the corporate world, your clients and partners mean a great deal to your business. And so, when it comes to buying and gifting corporate gifts, it’s important to know this one important rule – present gifts to those customers or business partners who help your company succeed. Giving them something special will not only show your heartfelt appreciation for their support but also gain a great advertising edge as they will constantly be reminded of your business each time they throw a glance or use your gift.

So how do you plan to make your mark and stay ahead of the competition? Well, think of a ‘practical yet memorable’ with a ‘touch of class’ gift idea that will constantly remind your clients that they are indeed important to you. Now, before you go on a splurging spree, there are a few precautions you must take. Make sure you avoid these 7 mistakes when buying corporate gifts.

Gifting only on specific occasions

Contrary to popular belief, gifting can happen any time of the year and not just at the end of the year. Gifting only during milestones and on important holidays makes a lesser impact than you’ve hoped for and your good intention gift might just get lost in the sea of different ones the client might receive on that particular day. Instead, if you send something meaningful at a random time, it will certainly leave a lasting impression on the person. This implies that you’ve genuinely thought about them and hence the gifting, and not because it’s mandatory only on special occasions.

Investing in really expensive gifts without deciding a budget

It’s important to set a budget for your business gifting. Check your company’s finance and keep aside a lumpsum for treating your clients and customers with specially curated corporate gifts. Also, be mindful not to overspend by exaggerating the value of the gift. Many might feel uncomfortable knowing that you’ve purposefully splurged a lot of money on them. Furthermore, some companies often have limits for the types of gifts they can receive. So do you research well before diving in.

Not doing thorough research before purchasing a gift

Take time out of your busy schedule and dedicate a little effort to knowing your partner or client’s interest before attempting to purchase a gift. If they are big into displaying awards and trophies on the wall or mantlepiece, you can get one specially customized through Swarovski, complete with their name and company logo. Or perhaps if they love to accessorize, you could invest in a beautiful pair of crystal earrings or snazzy cufflinks. Apart from this, also bear in mind what you gift whom and on what religious festival. Your clients or partners may not celebrate certain holidays because of religious reasons. And so, if you do gift something for the season, make sure it’s appropriate.

Not personalizing the gifts

We’re sure your customers and partners must be already receiving scores of gifts that are super generic. So in order to make yours stand out in the crowd, it’s a good idea to try and personalize your offerings by engraving the individual’s name, initials or company logo on your gift. It could either be etched onto the item itself or embossed onto the presentation box or pouch that’s being gifted. Swarovski has you covered on this front, too. Not only do we have brilliant items of interest but we also let you customize your gifts just the way you want.

Buying poor quality

Avoid buying poor quality gifts at all costs! Needles to say, it forms a wrong impression about you and even reflects gravely on the credibility of the company. It’s important you first make a list of all the customers you want to present a corporate gift to, put in a lot of thought and then invest in something that looks uber classy, perhaps something your clients would love to flaunt proudly. Without looking too far, Swarovski has a sparkling plethora of gifts that are unique, charming and above all, crafted with an exceptional eye for detail and exquisite quality – both characteristics that are synonymous with the brand. Choose from beautiful awards and trophies as well as from a range of corporate accessories like desktop items, jewellery and electronic devices.

Not adding a personalized letter

Whatever your gift may be, adding a personalized letter always leaves a lasting impression. And if it’s handwritten, it’s definitely the cherry on top. Make your letter a component of your gift and let it read of fond praises and accolades for the receiver. Your words will, without a doubt, warm the heart and gladden the soul.

Waiting until the last minute

It’s a good idea to plan your corporate gifts and wishlist well in advance so that you don’t lose out on your desired items. Also ensure the treats reach your recipients on time or even well before.


Presenting a client or customer with a corporate gift is a huge opportunity and hence, it should be done right and dare we say, with finesse. Choose one of Swarovski’s beautiful offerings and you can be sure to experience a long-term positive effect on your business.

Remember, there’s plenty of opportunity awaiting you at every turn and to make the most of it, be sure to avoid these 7 mistakes when buying corporate gifts. Simply keep the aforementioned tips in mind and you’ll definitely make the gifting experience an unforgettable one!

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